October 2015

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October 09, 2015

Street Fighter V has been getting more-and-more female characters as of lately.  We just recently had the reveal of Karin Kanzuki and now we are greeted with a brand new character by the name of Laura Matsuda, Sean Matsuda's older sister (he was debuted in Street Fighter III) who's debut was at the 2015 Brasil Game Show.

After the jump you will find my impressions on her debut along with the official trailer and screenshots from said trailer (high quality stills by the way!).  So go ahead and dig in!

October 09, 2015

Bianca recently completed an anime named Charlotte and I figured that it might be a good time to give it a try, especially since I am looking for recent anime to watch and review for RoKtheReaper.com and Genki Life Magazine (to which I am a contributor).

The first episode starts off very interesting with a boy whom can possess anyone within his line of sight...but only for five seconds.  However, he finds a way to use his powers to his advantage...but it all catches up with him in the end.  Check out my full impressions after the jump!

October 08, 2015

Sleeper Simulant is a exotic heavy weapon, the only difference that makes it unique is that it is a FUSION RIFLE.  What's so crazy that this fusion rifle has to be in the heavy weapon's slot?!  Well, I recent found out that Bungie was about to let the cat out of the bag and allow everyone to finally lay their grubby hands on it, and you know I had to be one of the first ones to get my foot in the door.

After collecting four golden age relics, multiple specific missions, rebuilding the core and waiting a day for it to be returned by the gunsmith... I was ready to do the final strike in order to obtain it.  Sleeper Simulant is now finally mine, and here are my impressions.



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