March 2014

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March 08, 2014

Console wars are nothing new, they have existed as long as I can remember, even so far back as Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis.  Over the years only two are considered as major super powers, commanding those armies that fuel this digital based battlefield are Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's Playstation.  With the age of online, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 began to set itself apart and grow devoted fans who eagerly awaited the next generation.

Microsoft announced the Xbox One in the coming months after the  Playstation 4's reveal, the path it has taken since then has been one plagued by scrutiny, skepticism, and uncertainty in the eyes of many gamers.  With not even a year under its belt, can we already assume that Microsoft's latest console is fated for failure?

March 04, 2014

Top 5 Tuesdays is an article series that focuses on my "top five" anything on a given subject of my choosing that pertains to either gaming, anime, or manga.

A little while ago I did my Top 5 Tuesday's post for my Favorite Female Anime & Gaming Characters and since I already have the ladies out of the way, I think it is only fair that I do the same for the guys, right?

Over the course of me reading manga and watching anime, certain characters have stood out to me that I have never forgotten.  They fill me with inspiration and hope, give off an aura of cool and badassery, and are the embodiment of what we strive to be as men.  These are my top 5 favorite male anime & manga characters!



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