January 2014

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January 28, 2014

What happens when you zero in on the life of a lonely, unpopular high school girl who desperately wants nothing more than to be one of the "cool kids", actually having a boyfriend, and living her school days to its fullest?  You get the life of Kuroki Tomoko!

Ever thought of yourself as being excluded from the rest of the world?  Wanting so bad to gain popularity and be social but cannot help but to be an introvert lacking any social skills?  Well...I believe she can relate.

This little slice of life anime seems chock full of comedy and humor, but does it have what it takes to actually be worth while?  Take a look at this review for Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! (Watamote)!

January 02, 2014

While at work with my co-worker whom I normally watch anime with, we were in desperate need of a new series to occupy the hole that Shingeki no Kyojin left, and on Crunchyroll we found a series that seemed  pretty all right named "Beyond the Boundary".  From first glance, the artwork seemed really cool (It is VERY hard for me to get into an anime series if the artwork is not at least somewhat enjoyable) and it had a pretty cool  name, so why not try it, what is the worst that could happen?

This review is going to tell you the result of that little impulse decision in that break room on that fateful night, whether-or-not it was a smart choice to choose the book simply by its beautifully draw cover, and if it happened to deliver on what looked to be a good series to watch.

January 01, 2014

2013 was probably one of my most unproductive years simply because of my computer going down, though at the same time I also did not take it nearly as seriously as I needed to in order to advance my name and get more offers from people who have browsed across my site, I also did not get nearly as many Facebook likes as I wanted and people who would follow me and be interested in my content, I plan on changing that this year.

I will make sure I deliver breaking new content regularly and even if I am only one man running this place, I will make sure those that turn to this site for their reading pleasure will not be disappointed by loads of days between updates and uninspiring content.  

You know, at the job I work at when I am not at home blogging requires me to work 12 hours at a time and I normally work 5-6 days a week when I have overtime (The overtime is 10 - 11 hours per shift), yet I go in all the time and I work hard and productive, yet I cannot do the same for my personal ambition?!  I need to get my priorities in order if I ever want to advance, and this is going to be the year that I make that happen.

In order to achieve this, I plan on posting up new reviews for anime, manga, and gaming regularly, as well as original editorial content.  Also, within those prominent in the industry, I want to prove that I am serious enough so that they will have no problem giving me interviews and helping me out with review materials.  Also, in order to achieve all of this, I am going to have to exponentially grow my fan base, and that comes through heavy social interaction and networking which is something I had ultimately shied away from due to my anti-social nature...but no more.

So, for those who read this and take me seriously, I thank you.  For those who are new and reading this message because you just happened to stumble across this post, go ahead and mark this website on your favorites list because 2014 is going to be an amazing year for RoKtheReaper.com!



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