March 2013

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March 21, 2013

Phantom Breaker ファントムブレイカー was one of the games that I was personally looking forward to, but the release was cancelled in North America.  However, it would appear that a side-scroller "Beat em' up" game by the name "PHANTOM BREAKER: BATTLE GROUNDS -Cocoa's Nightmare Attack-" was going to debut in its stead as a spin-off of the series, I knew I had to grab this game.

Unfortunately, we will probably never see a North American release of Phantom Breaker in its full fighting game glory; but that does not change the fact that  I am still hype for what PHANTOM BREAKER: BATTLE GROUNDS aims to be and a beat em' up style game with fighting game properties could prove to be amazing.  Go ahead and hit the jump to catch the full review!

March 14, 2013

Army of Two is a franchise I have always been interested in since Gears of Wars got me into third person shooters.  I liked the thought of two people vs the world and the ability to have each others back.  When the first game came I was fresh with my Xbox and had no one to play with and did not want to start on the second game without playing the first.  However, since it seems that we are given two new characters to play as and a new storyline, I feel this demo was the perfect chance for me to hop in.

Come with me as I explore this demo and get the feel of what is like to play an Army of Two game.  Grabbing a friend for the co-op online and setting it to hard difficulty, I dive gun first into the fray to see what this demo is all about and if this will be a game worth waiting for!

March 13, 2013

Fakku made a post about a "Good friend of theirs" named "mostflogged" who started a hentai review YouTube series named "jerk-it jenni's Hentai Review".  The plan is to start a weekly entry discussing a seijin manga or doujinshi and giving it a thorough review.  The masses reaction was a positive one and she gained much fame and many followers overnight.

My plan is to tell you what I think of her based upon her current content and exactly how good of a reviewer she actually is based on her presentation, expressing & elaboration, and her knowledge.  My goal is to see if she is the real deal and making a genuine effort or simply using this as a tool for self gratification and instant popularity.  Hit the jump for the full article.

March 09, 2013

Monty Oum (Creator of Haloid, Master Chief vs Samus Aran and the Dead Fantasy Series) along with ROOSTER TEETH premiered their new collaborative series "RWBY" with the Red Trailer (Read my analysis HERE).  After the trailer I was pretty hype and awaiting the arrival of the White Trailer, and it has been released!

In this article I will be explaining the trailer, dissecting it down while making predictions based on what is shown.  I will also be giving my impressions on whether or not I think the trailer, character, and enemies are good along with how I think RWBY is shaping up from the two released trailers.  

You can catch the full article with my analysis and impressions when you hit the jump!

March 08, 2013

Breaking out of the mold the Metal Gear Solid series had gotten accustomed to, it seemed that Hideo Kojima wanted to tell Raiden's story in a different fashion.  Enlisting the help of well known "Hack n' Slash" masterminds, Platinum Games, they embarked on a high action thrill which allows players to cut at will.

Never been a fan of the Metal Gear Sold series I was a bit skeptical, seeing that Revengeance was hack n' slash made me give it another look, Platinum Games involvement allowed me to take a notable interest, and I was ready for the game to be in my hands after the amazing demo.  Now, finally having my hands on the game and completed it, I will give you my opinion and let you know if it is worth grabbing or nothing more than wasted effort on a different approach.



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