April 2011

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April 20, 2011

When it was first announced that we would have Street Fighter X TEKKEN, and TEKKEN X Street Fighter, I was a bit skeptical on how things would play out.  CAPCOM and NAMCO are both respectable companies, and both reign over their own fighting-game environment.  But how exactly would a 2D and 3D game clash on a 2D playing field?  This is your answer.

We got a taste of what SF X TKN had to offer with the demo game-play of Ryu and Chun-Li vs Kazuya Mishima and Nina Williams at Comic-Con 2010, but now we are offered even more than that.  Enough to hush the pessimistic individuals who didn't think CAPCOM could pull this off.

I must tell you, I also had my doubts to a degree, but the only thing I can tell you from the cinematic trailers and what I've seen so far of the game-play, and it's integration of new fighting mechanics and tag system is, "LET THE HYPE BEGIN!".

April 08, 2011

Mashiro Moritaka and Takagi Akito are hell bent on becoming professional  Manga-ka and not just "gamblers".  Aiming to get a series serialized in Weekly SHŌNEN JUMP and finally, an anime.

Mashiro, is driven by the promise made by his dream girl, Azuki Miho: That once he becomes a successful Manga-ka, and she, a voice actress to play heroine of his anime series; they are to be married.

Through up-and-downs, learning the business, heart breaks, disappointments, and a whole lot of guts; Muto Ashirogi sees if they have what it takes to make it in the world of Manga!  This is my review of the manga
Bakuman バクマン Vol. 3 "Debut and Impatience".

April 07, 2011

BlackRock Shooter was an anime I had begun to see everywhere, but had heard very little to nothing about.  Cool statues such as this popped up all over websites, the cute heroine was shown on many wallpapers, but nothing showing off exactly what it was about.

Taking this matter into account, I soon spotted the OVA at AnimeUltima.tv and was surprised that it was nothing more than a single 50 minute episode.  But, nevertheless I did enjoy it.

I'm going to give a quick synopsis of the anime, my impressions on it, and if it really lived up to the awesome factor that made me want to see it in the first place.



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