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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trust that I know you guys are really getting tired of monthly updates with no real follow-ups, however, that is going to be changing drastically. was founded upon some very strict principles, and I have allowed writer’s anxiety and overwhelmingly pressure destroy my vision for the very last time.  I am going to be making a real effort to get right back to where I started while also providing more frequent updates for those of you who follow and support the content that I make.

This late update for June 2017 is going to cover a few things that I think are very important, with the most important one being the content that is going to be created in the upcoming months and what the long-term plan is for

 Late 2017 Update 

Something I have been attempting to do since I began was make a name for myself as a respectable source of gaming, anime, and manga.  While things did start off very promising and my popularity began to rise, I began to feel the pressure of becoming a rising star on the media front and suffered from something I like to call “writer’s anxiety”.  I began to carefully scrutinize everything that I wrote to the point that I would be afraid to even get started on anything, especially anything that involved me acting like a critic (which is pretty much everything).  Not only that, but I stopped reviewing games due to the sheer volume I was receiving, the amount of anime coming out that I would have to watch, and the severe lack of help since I was just a one man crew.  Though, I think I have found an answer to all of this.

My definition of “success” began to change when I first started.  Originally my goal was to simply have an outlet to allow my geekdom to reign free, allowing me to talk about video games and Japanese culture to my heart’s content without worrying too much.  Eventually I wanted to become better than places like IGN and Kotaku by allowing people to see unbiased reviews and analyzations from someone who was a gamer just like them (without an ulterior motive financed by money).  As I began to rise, I began to worry about whether-or-not someone was going to give me that review copy, I began to judge myself by the amount of shares and likes on my posts (even comments at times).  I became someone who was obsessed with the response and not so much the message, I was essentially the Great Value brand of everything I had grown to hate.  That stops now.

I am back into things for the love of doing them without worrying.  I have found my best results are the things I have wrote out of love and passion anyway, and often times the love for these articles are later on down the line when I have forgotten about them; someone will end up finding the article and really resonates with it, it tends to only gain momentum after that.  Obviously I do really want results, but sometimes people will simply read and follow without responding nor commenting, I do it ALL the time. 

So this marks a brand new chapter for where this blog and website is becoming much more of a lifestyle than a simple hobby.  It is going to be my main outlet for everything that I want to become, I will make it my motivation and my legacy.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The announcement of Dragon Ball FighterZ made quite a splash in the fighting game community, mainly because of the lack of hype of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.  Seeing as I am really enjoying the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super, and consider the series by Akira Toriyama as one of the best of my childhood, naturally my own hype followed.

Regardless of how the game turns out (which is likely due to be pretty good judging by the trailers and game-play, not to mention it is being developed by Arc System Works), there are going to be some characters which I am going to want to experiment above all others within the Dragon Ball franchise.  Therefore, it is only natural that I would give my selection of my top 5 choices!

Friday, March 31, 2017

With the “Last Call” teaser trailer coming out earlier this week, Bungie promised a full reveal trailer for the second iteration within their new famed series “Destiny”.  With them keeping good on their promise, the “Rally the Troops” worldwide reveal trailer released earlier today for guardians around the globe to see. 

You will see my thoughts on this trailer and why I thought it was a disappointing “reveal” that may spell bad things to come for Destiny 2.

Thursday, March 30, 2017 has been inactive for quite a while now.  You guys have not gotten to see any new editorials, trailers, reviews, or even news.  That has to do with a lot of outside factors, but they are currently being addressed in order to try and come back in a way that allows me to stay doing what I love permanently.

For those of you who are interested in reading the rather long-winded April 2017 update for, feel free to go ahead and hit the jump to catch the full article!

Sunday, January 01, 2017

The previously NieR game was something that did not catch my attention at all, that could be because I heard that it was a good idea that was poorly executed.  Despite the fact that NieR was helped made by Square Enix, I had no idea who Cavia was, and that could be the main reason the game play was not done as well as it could be.

This time however, I was already wanting to get into NieR: Automata through its design alone; the first sight of the game blew me away with its beautiful protagonist, 2B.  Not to mention I heard this game was being made by Square Enix and Platinum Games, and anyone who knows me can tell you that Platinum is my favorite developer.  So we have a hack n’ slash game published by Square Enix and developed by Platinum Games with a cute, robot heroine.  Sounds like fun.

  IMPORTANT!  – As this is a demo impressions article, I am not going to go into a great amount of detail as I would with a game’s review.  A brief synopsis over each aspect should suffice, as things could change before the final release.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Many where surprised to find out that the rumors we had been hearing about a new Marvel vs Capcom game were true; we first found the evidence at PlayStation Experience 2016 when MARVEL VS CAPCOM: INFINITE was the first game revealed.  This sent the community into a frenzy as we got to watch the newest cinematic trailer of the versus community's latest game iteration.

What I am going to be doing for this week's Top 5 Tuesday is let you all know which characters I want most in the game from Marvel's side.  This will include characters we have seen in previous series as well as brand new faces you have not seen before.  Go ahead and hit the jump to get the full details.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 has slowed down significantly since last month, there are varying reasons for these.  However, I feel that no reason is truly valid because if you want to do something, you simply make it your business to get it done no matter what.  I feel like my drive to do what needs to be done has not been there, even more, I feel like it has not been something that I need to do, and that is the difference.

This site update is going to focus on what I plan to do and how I am going to implement new policies for myself in order to make this site update consistent, at least, as much as it can be by releasing essential updates on a regular basis to keep a constant flood of content.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Waifu Crush Wednesday is modeled after the popular "#WCW" or "Women Crush Wednesday". This bi-weekly editorial focuses upon female characters in gaming, anime, and manga that I happen to like in one form or another. I will do my best to explain my affinity for that particular character.

An homunculus, in love with a living ancient war relic in the shape of a giant key, as well as a shy narcissist would be perfect to describe A.B.A.  She is my favorite character within the Guilty Gear series and that has not changed since I have originally decided it to be so.  She is going to be my current fictional character of affection for today.  Make sure you hit the jump to check out all the goodness!

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